The Seductive Lash
​8146 N. 23rd Ave. Suite H
​Phoenix, AZ 85221
​Where ordinary lashes become extraordinary lashes!!!!
Contact Katie: 480-812-5614
Day and Evening Appointments Available
Welcome to The Seductive Lash
At The Seductive Lash, Katie will take your eyelashes from thin and unnoticable eyelashes, to rich, full beautiful ones.
My lashes are custom individual eyelash extensions that are attatched to your natural lash,  lasting 2-4 weeks before a fill is needed. The procedure is painless,  and takes approximately 90 min for the first set and 45 minutes for a fill.  All you need to do is relax while they are applied.
Whatever your choice is, from fullness to a glamourous length, the look can be achieved at The Seductive Lash.
  1. Mink Beauty Set For Fullness
  2. Title 5
  3. Mink Lashes Added For Length and Fullness